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I, the first you, the second he, the third.

These three words are the English equivalents for the Spanish words “yo, el primero tú, el segundo él, el tercero”. These three words are commonly used to refer to oneself, someone else, and a third person respectively. They are sometimes used together to indicate order of importance, or to differentiate between people in a group.

For example, if someone were to ask you, “Who is the first, second and third person in your family?”, you would answer “I am the first, my brother is the second, and my sister is the third”.

These three words can also be used in the abstract to refer to anything in the world. You could say “The sun is the first, the moon is the second, and the stars are the third”. This is often used to refer to something in relation to its importance.

The words “I, you, he” are therefore very useful and can be used in many contexts. They can be used both literally and figuratively to describe any kind of order or ranking.